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I just got in a car accident, what do I do?

By February 14, 2018Advice
Car Accident Attorney

Being in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. It is important that you follow these steps at the scene of the car accident and soon after:

  • First, stay at the scene. Never leave the accident scene until it is appropriate to do so. Leaving the scene of an accident before law enforecement arrives could have some serious consequences.
  • Call law enforcement and make sure they come to the scene of the accident. If you are injured make sure you let the 911 operator know you are injured. Don’t be the “tough guy” and claim you are “fine” or “okay” if you believe you are injured.
    • Having law enforcement show up is important for many reasons, but especially if you are injured. Paramedics should be summoned to the scene and you might be taken by ambulance. If you are taken by ambulance from the scene, the accident report will allow you to obtain the other drivers information and insurance policy.
  •  Get a copy of the other driver’s insurance card and drivers license. If you have a smart phone, take a picture of their insurance card and drivers license. This is VERY important if law enforcement informs you they will not show up to the scene. On some occasions law enforcement will not come to the scene of the accident (parking lot accident, other more serious emergencies going on, etc.). If law enforcement does not arrive, you need to know exactly who was driving the vehicle and their insurance company. Too many times, people contact my office and do not have this information. Sadly, a lot of people who cause an accident lie about who they are and whether or not they have insurance. I have handled multiple cases where individuals change their story just minutes after leaving the accident scene.
  • Get medical attention. If you are injured, seek medical attention at an emergency room. Car accident injuries are serious and you need to have a professional address your injuries and provide the necessary treatment.
  • Contact a personal injury attorney for a free consultation. Consultations are free, why not speak to an attorney who specializes in handling these cases for a few minutes? If you have a minor fender bender with little to no injuries, I frequently advise people their case might not require a lawyer. If there are issues that require an attorney, get a free consultation and find out what an attorney might be able to do to help you.
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