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Personal Injury Attorney’s experiences with medical treatment during Covid-19 pandemic

By April 7, 2020Advice
AltmanLaw Covid-19 Treatment

We have been getting theses questions a lot from our existing and new clients:

  • I am not better, and my medical provider is closing temporarily. What should I do?
  • Does this affect my case?
  • How does Covid-19 impact my personal injury case?

Typically, when you are injured in a car accident you receive medical treatment for your injuries.  A lot of people are treated at hospitals and emergency rooms immediately after the accident.  Some elect to be seen by primary care doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists or physical therapists.  Unfortunately, receiving treatment with some of these providers can seem risky now or are not an option if they are temporarily closed.  The advice we have been giving to everyone is, “do what you are comfortable doing.”  There is no formula for this pandemic, and it is understandable if you elect to avoid hospitals, doctor’s offices, or other medical buildings.

Insurance adjusters are also calling us often to check in on the status of cases and we continue to discuss these issues with the insurance companies.  In our routine discussions with adjusters, we have been sharing that many of our clients are finding it more difficult to get ongoing and consistent treatment for their injuries due to the impact of Covid-19.  Some treating providers have either limited their office hours or closed temporarily. The adjusters are acknowledging that this is becoming a more common occurrence with each passing day.

Again, we encourage our clients to follow your treating provider’s treatment plan to the best of your ability. If your provider is open and providing services, and you are comfortable doing so, then certainly attend your appointments. If your provider is closed you may resume your treatment when they reopen. Either way, insurance companies are aware of the current state of chaos and confusion that is taking place in getting treatment in 2020. Any gaps in treatment due to Covid-19 should be understood by the bodily injury adjusters at the time of settlement.

We are available by phone at (360) 377-7100 and are happy to talk about this issue and any other questions you may have regarding your case.

Stay safe and be well.  Altman Law Offices

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