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Be Prepared when driving in the ice and snow!

By February 13, 2019Advice
Prepare For Winter Driving

Washington State Car Accident Attorney-Be Prepared when driving in the ice and snow!

Ice and Snow have caused many car accidents throughout the Pacific Northwest this week.  Even if you have four-wheel drive, assume your trip might result in you getting stuck in the snow and cold weather.

A couple of tips might help prevent a horrible situation.

  • Dress accordingly even if you think you are just running to the store-you never know when someone might cause a car accident, or you will get stuck in the snow.
  • If you don’t want to wear a winter hat and gloves, pack them in the car just in case!
  • Wear or bring winter, waterproof boots
  • Have water in the vehicle and a few snacks…just in case
  • Have a flash light in your vehicle
  • Try to keep your gas tank full during the winter season, you never know how long you might be stranded and need the car running
  • Keep a cell phone charger in your vehicle
  • Keep a blanket in the vehicle as well

Overall, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  Assume your vehicle will get stuck and be prepared to hang out or have to get out in the elements.  Stay safe and stay warm!

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